Friday, March 25, 2011


Several weeks ago I started having trouble accessing the internet.  So I called my internet service provider tech support seeking help.  They had me run a series of tests that didn’t reveal the problem, and it was then suggested I try a somewhat different approach to get online.  This other method requires that I turn it on most all the time, since it has a tendency to shut down when not in use for some time -- like two and a half minutes.  (Okay, maybe three and a half.)  Also my email would not come in or go out unless I had this thing turned on.  Doable, but quite a nuisance.

So about a week or two later I phoned tech again.   They had me try several things, none of which worked.  Then I had a thought.  “Maybe it’s the modem,” I suggested.  They ran some kind of test at their end and concluded that yes, the problem is likely the modem.  They would send me a new one at no cost, but I would have to pay the shipping.  Well, all right, how much is the shipping?  It ranged from $40 for overnight, down to $20 (and here I quote the gentleman’s exact words)”... for delivery in up to 5 business days.”  I figured I could wait another 5 days. That was on Monday, March 14.  I thought I wouldn’t see it until the following Monday, at the earliest.  Sure enough, it did not arrive the following Monday.  I waited two more days.  No package.  So I called tech again.  Explained the situation.

Me:  Where is my package?
Tech:  Please hold.  (comes back)  It was sent to New York.
Me:  What?  I live in California!
Tech:  It was sent to  your New York address.
Me:  I don’t HAVE a New York address.  I have never lived in New York.
Tech:  That is all right.  We will mail you another.  It will arrive in 7 to 10 business days.
Me:  That is not satisfactory.  It is already two days late.  You’ll have to do better than that.
Tech:  Please hold.  (comes back)  You will have it  in 7 to 10 business days.
Me:  That is NOT acceptable.  Please connect me to someone who can do better.
Tech:  Please hold.  (hold music).  (different person)  May I help you?
Me:  You mean I have to go through this whole thing ALL OVER AGAIN?  (You might guess I was getting a bit under the collar).

Well, to cut this dialogue down, here, briefly, is what happened:  I demanded overnight delivery.  He agreed -- at the overnight delivery cost.  I said NO.  That under the circumstances, the incorrect delivery was their fault, and they should make it good.  We haggled back and forth a bit, with me standing my ground and insisting on every proposal he made, that I didn’t like, was unacceptable.

He finally (apparently) agreed to my terms.  I’ll believe it when the package arrives.  Whew!

Funny cartoon --


  1. don't you hate it when things like this happen?! so frustrating!

    missed you today - our class wasn't the same without you! hope all went well.

  2. Like Queen Laura Bee, I find things like that SO frustrating! It's what keeps me from switching to a cheaper package because I know there will be delays and run-a-rounds, and problems that the first few tech support people won't be able to sort, and I'll be put on hold, and transferred until FINALLY things get sorted.

  3. ...and Alison's black squirrel is a little suet cake!

  4. Good luck. Always demand a tracking number. And lol@ LynnM! (Suet ya gonna do about it?) I do like that cartoon!