Wednesday, March 9, 2011


When I first started going to Avenidas, at lunch time I was put at a round table with five other fellows.  We were referred to as The Knights of the Round Table.  Then two other fellows were added to our group, and that made it pretty crowded around that table.  Solution?  Two square tables were pushed together, and eight of us fit comfortably into that arrangement.  But what should we now be called?  Knights of the Square Table just doesn’t make it.  Dazed Squares?  Dazed Knights?  Square Round Knights?  Wrecktangle Knights?  Need some help here.

During the day the nurses come in to administer pills, or draw blood, or whatever is required for any given individual.  So the other day during the lunch hour, the nurse came by to draw blood from one fellow at our table.  Now you should know that there is a fair amount of kidding and ribbing that goes on at our table (round or square) and comments were being made about the nurse’s procedure for drawing a bit of blood.  The nurse responded with, “If you’re not careful, I’ll come around and jab all of you!”  To which I queried with, “How can you go around a square table?”  No answer to that.

Cartoons, thanks to Sandy --


  1. Hmmm, so the round table has an East wing and a West wing now. Reminds me of Thanksgiving and the "kiddie" table. I think seniority rules should apply, and the youngest members should have to sit at the squares.

  2. Well, you just take however many you've got and round it off.

  3. Well, well, Sir Donald of Meyer...I kind of like Dazed Knights, but I will continue to give it some thought!