Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It’s strange how some things work out.  Some weeks ago my cardiologist prescribed another medication.  I mentioned it to my VA doctor, who decided I didn’t need it.  I do believe I talked about this previously.  Purchased locally, it is quite expensive, and surprisingly, even more so online.

I wanted the cardiologist and VA doctor to get together on this, as I felt caught in the middle.  But to date the cardiologist’s nurse has been unable to connect with my VA doctor.  Yesterday I had an appointment with the cardiologist, and I was all prepared to argue with him about my needing this particular drug.  I had my arguments all loaded and ready to fire.

For many years I have had a persistent cough that I had pretty much ignored.  But it has gotten worse over the past several months.  Actually, it has developed into two distinct, separate coughs.  One is productive, that when I get the stuff up, seems all right.  The other is a dry, repetitive cough that is most difficult to deal with.

Back to the cardiologist -- he did his usual checking, and then asked if I’d had any more chest pain.  No.  Shortness of breath?  No.  Was anything else bothering me?  And I mentioned the expensive medication he’d prescribed.  Before I could pick up my gun and start firing, he said there was an inexpensive, over-the-counter substitute I could use.  Well that took the gun out of my hands.  Anything else?  No, except for the cough, and I told him all about it.  After consulting my list of medications (it’s only about 4 feet long), he suggested I stop one blood pressure pill because it tends to cause a dry cough, and double another to compensate.

WOW!  Two problems addressed in one visit.  Remarkable!

I don't know if I'd call this funny, or just remarkable.  As I watched it, I wondered if it was a human being in costume.  What do you think?


  1. Glad to hear he didn't prescribe a new drug for the side-effect cough.

  2. I hope the cough went away as planned :-}
    I'm pretty sure it's a real walrus. They are very clever beasts :-}