Friday, October 29, 2010


A couple of days ago I was telling you about the nasty, itchy rash that developed.  And that the doctors thought it was an allergic reaction, but they didn't know to what.  Well, now we have a solution!  When I saw my own M.D. yesterday afternoon, he was still pretty puzzled.  No results had yet come back from the lab.  He commented that none of my drugs had changed, ... when I spoke up and said that the pulmonologist had prescribed an antibiotic for the lung infection.  "Which antibiotic," he wanted to know.  "Septra," I answered, and asked if that could be the problem.  He exclaimed, "Hell, YES!"  Seems that Septra is a sulfa drug, and now I know that I'm allergic to it.  My doc immediately called a dermatologist, who agreed to see me (this was now late afternoon).  "Oh, yes!" said the dermatologist when he saw my rash, and he went into a long explanation of what was going on.  More importantly, he gave me a couple of prescriptions to control the itching, and they work beautifully!  I'll live!

Funny cartoon --

I told you to shut your mouth!

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  1. A moment of seriousness: the bird on the left is a house sparrow, sometimes called English sparrow, an introduced species from England to America that has wreaked horrendous havoc on the songbird population here. They are murderous little thugs who kill parents of many species sitting on their nests and all the nestlings, even when they pose no threat to them nor their territory. Bluebird houses, purple martin apartments--they'll kill them all if they see them.

    I changed my birdseeder feed to sunflower only because the house sparrows don't like sunflowers. That got rid of the one male individual I had hanging around.

    Meantime, I'm glad you found out it was indeed that Septra!