Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yesterday a representative from Avenidas came to visit.  I’d met Jim before, and this was a very low key meeting.  The purpose, he said, was to check the safety features here, and give me time to make comments and ask questions.

I told Jim that I am looking for two things:  activities that I can do given my physical disability, and one or two people with whom I can have a reasonably intelligent conversation.  He said he would do what he could.

On Thursday and Friday I go there for what they call evaluation, and then I'm off and ... walking?  There is the small matter of which two days during the week do I attend, given my various appointments, doctor and otherwise.
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Matt Cain is a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants baseball team, and the Giants are in the midst of the major league playoffs.  Matt pitched yesterday (Tuesday).  The headline in the paper that morning read:

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Cliff, after he brought in today's mail:  "Boy, you sure get a lot of mail!"
Me:  I get a lot of JUNK!

Funny cartoon --

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  1. Pardon me while I laugh at the wanting intelligent conversation and him saying he would do what he could. Clearly, both of you have a sense of humor! A right smart thing to have.