Saturday, October 9, 2010


I think some (most) are quite good, and others seem a bit too distorted.  One more group after this one.

Bette Davis - Marlene Dietrich

Bill Murray - Bruce Willis

Christopher Walken

Clint Eastwood - George Clooney

Humphrey Bogart - Harrison Ford

Jack Nicholson - Jamie Lee Curtis

John Wayne - Klaus Kinski

Lee Marvin - Marilyn Monroe

Meryl Streep - Nicholas Cage

Paul Newman - Orson Welles

Penelope Cruz - Robert DeNiro

Rowan Atkinson - Sarah Jessica Parker

Humor -
Here is one more story about that Chihuahua I told about yesterday.
Apparently my dad had had larger dogs before I was born, so when he saw this little thing, he exclaimed, "That's a dog?'

Now we lived in a two story house, with the bedrooms upstairs.  My sister worked, so she kept the dog in her bedroom, and had for the pup a basket where he could lie down, and food and water.  She kept the door closed.

My dad would come from work, go upstairs to change and wash up, and then come down to dinner.  Then during dinner we would see him with an arm stretched down under the table.  "Pa, what are you doing?"  "Nothing."  Obviously he was feeding the dog!  Seems that as he started to head downstairs, he would open my sister's bedroom door, and of course the dog would run down the stairs.  Ah, well.

Then there was the night most of the family went out, except my dad.  When they came home, no pop.  Not in the living room, not in his bedroom.  Then my sister went to go to bed and discovered my dad stretched out on her bedroom floor, his head in the dog's basket, ... and the dog curled up on pop's head!  One could imagine the two of them snoring!


  1. I love the story of the dog!
    My dad took me aside many years ago when I was visiting home from college. He whispered that I should go out to his shop and see what he had. He was keeping a little orange kitten, secret from my mom (who grew up on a farm and feels fairly neutral about pets)
    After dinner, Mom took me aside and handed me a bowl of scraps and whispered "Go feed your dad's cat, but don't let him know I know about it."

  2. That is the worst caricature of handsome George Clooney EVER! The rest are good and the lovely Bill Murray should be especially flattered.

    BTW, Diana, there is some thing about guys not admitting they love pets. As we get older I guess we hear it all the time.