Friday, October 8, 2010


Our Book Club met yesterday, as it does on the first Thursday of the month, and as usual, it was most enjoyable.  One reason these meetings are so much fun is that it is most informal.  While two persons have volunteered to review books of their choosing, there is a lot of give and take around the table, with questions and comments from the participants.

In addition there is information exchanged that has little or nothing to do with books.  For instance, one reviewer, Meg, also told about acquiring a “new” dog, as her other one had died.  The “new” is in quotes because her newly acquired Chihuahua is 9 years old.  As she put it, an old dog for an old woman.

Her review was of a book entitled “Birds of Prey” by Judith Jance, and it is a mystery story that takes place on a cruise ship to Alaska.

Sue was our other reviewer, and she spent some time telling us about the author, Isabel Allende, and if the name is vaguely familiar, she is the daughter of the president of Chile who was murdered.  The book she wrote is “Daughter of Fortune”, a work of historical fiction.

Both volumes seem intriguing to me.

In the humor department, I offered this true story at the book club meeting:  (I don’t think I’ve told it before.)

Many years ago, when I was just a kid, my sister came home with a puppy Chihuahua.  It was so small, it could stand in the palm of your hand.  My sister said that before she came home, she had stopped at the local bakery for something.  She was waiting in line to be served, and had put the pup on a large decorative button near her left shoulder.  After a short while, the woman behind my sister exclaimed, “IT MOVED!”  Apparently she’d thought it was just a part of the coat.


  1. Funny story about your sister's puppy! That's some decorative button.