Friday, September 25, 2009


A few months ago I purchased an iPod Shuffle. For those of you who may not know, the unit either plays the tracks from beginning to end, or, at my option, plays tracks in a random sequence. Now I have a lot of music on my computer, and I loaded about 150 tracks onto the Shuffle. Then I learned that in shuffle mode, it played about 20 - 25 random tracks, and then started over on the same set. I wanted to find out how to get to the next random set, so I downloaded the instructions. Maybe it’s in there, but I couldn’t find it.

I let it go for a while, and then the other day I phoned Apple technical support. I explained my problem to the tech who answered, and he had me go through a rather complicated procedure that ended up deleting all the songs on my iPod, and replacing them with my entire song list. That is NOT what I wanted! But before I could complain, I was cut off. I should say, FORTUNATELY I was cut off.

So Iphoned Apple tech -- again. This time a different tech answered, and I explained the problem all over again. “Oh, that’s very simple,” he said, and proceeded to tell me how to get to the next set of tracks -- a very simple procedure, indeed. So as soon as the present random starts to repeat, I’ll try the method. Wish me luck!

( I just tried the change as described, and it worked just fine.)

I thought these were funny:

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That hard-to-read caption says, "Sure wish somebody would invent something to keep the sun out of my eyes"


  1. So, the evacuation route is straight upwards? (Searching for the helipad in the background.) As for the first picture, if someone succeeds it'll be the Capped Crusader: Superfan!

  2. A friend had success putting a "frozen" MP3 player in the freezer. Seriously. Wouldn't suggest it for your problem but if the machine gets too hot and it's freezer or garbage, try freezer.