Monday, September 7, 2009


Yesterday (Sunday) Cliff, Boyd and I went to a Red Lobster for dinner, and had a great time and a great meal. When we came home, Boyd visited a while, and after he left, I wanted to go to the recliner chair in the living room to read a while. But I never quiiite got there. As I started to turn to get ready to sit, I lost my balance, fell, and cracked my head on the edge of the coffee table. Cliff said "You're bleeding," and after putting an ice pack on my head, called 911.

The ambulance arrived shortly thereafter, and the medics said I needed stitching up. So they hauled me off to Emergency. I dread going there because it generally takes so long for anything to get done. But the nurses were on me immediately, cleaning the wound. The doctor came in, took a look, and ordered, not stitches, but staples, which a nurse took care of. I was out of there (Cliff drove me home) in slightly under 2 hours, which I thought was remarkable.

Today I'm a bit groggy, but otherwise alive. I get the staples removed in a week.

Something funny:

A wonderful bird is the pelican;
Its beak can hold more than its belly can.
It can hold in its beak
Enough food for a week.
I’m darned if I know how the hell he can.


  1. Don't DO that!!! My goodness, Don! Staples?! That must have been quite the grand canyon on your head there!

  2. I agree with Alison on the not DOing that. Sigh.
    It started like a nice story. Red Lobster-mmmm. Of course, it ended well, too. Only the middle bit was challenging (and don't do that again.)

  3. Don! I am so glad you are ok.
    I had a dog that needed staples in her head once, we called her Franken-puppy for awhile.
    Her tail wagged just as much :-}
    And she didn;t even have a scar.

  4. And another thing, those coffee tables are surprisingly dangerous things. When Emily was younger she was using ours to practice push-ups on, and came down on her ear. The edge sliced right through the cartlidge. Fortunately the emergency room doctor called in a surgeon who simply used glue and did a great job which didn't require a general or future plastic surgery.

  5. Darn it!! I'm sorry this happened. Hang in there buddy. I need your humor.

  6. And I forgot to say, that's one of my favorite Ogden Nash poems. Hope you are feeling better!