Saturday, September 12, 2009


My thanks to all of you who were concerned about my fall. The advice from everyone -- blog comments, friends and doctors -- was all the same: DON’T FALL DOWN! Ok, I hear you. I’m trying. Sometimes I’m very trying!

My chiropractor gave my head a laser treatment, and then loaned me the unit to take home for a week. The staples come out Monday morning.

My physical therapist added some more exercises to my regime, so now I’m up to about a dozen and a half ... and counting. I asked him if there was any way to know if or when I would be able to stand on my own, and he gave me the only honest answer possible -- no way to tell, but exercise is the way to get there. No shortcuts. Such is life.

To Donna in Ely: Thanks for the comment. Glad to have you aboard.

Okay, let’s find something funny:

Honey, would you get the car out of the garage, please?

How about UNauthorized personnel?


  1. Wow, I am still here!! Seeing my name in your blog really made my day. Just love your humor. The garage picture made me laugh and I want to be an "unauthorized personnel" just to see what's there. Take care.

  2. Hey Donna, I lived in "Ely" Cardiff for a few months in 1991, after the riots. Guess you're from a different Ely if Alison thinks she spotted you! Don, I think the people in the first pic drive Harleys.

  3. Ely, Elko, Winnemucca (billboard: "Winnemucka: three billion people have never been here!" I think the sign was a little old.) We used to do the drive from California to Salt Lake City to see my sister-in-law while she was alive, and those towns in Nevada were scattered along the way. Memories! Like the firefighters trying to keep a fire from reaching the freeway, close enough to wave hi, outside the city of, (well of course), Sparks.

  4. (Oops. Spelled Winnemucca right the first time.)