Monday, September 28, 2009


... is one of my favorite authors. I posted a blog about her a while back, and now she is out with Book #7 in the Outlander series. This series of very long books is really one veerrry long story about 18th century scotsman Jamie Fraser and his time traveling wife Claire.

About two years ago Amalie and I learned that Ms Gabaldon was on a book tour, and would be at a bookstore here in Mountain View one particular evening. Of course we went, along with a gazillion other people. Diana is as interesting and funny in person as she is in writing, and we had a thoroughly good time.

Now she is on another book tour (I wonder when she has time to write), and once again she will be at the same bookstore in Mountain View on October 7, and I will be there!

Other fun:

There was a young maiden, a Sioux,
As tempting as fresh honeydioux.
She displayed her cute knees
As she strolled past tepees,
And the braves, they all hollered "Wioux-Wioux!"


  1. All that fun in Mountain View! Let me predict the Oct. 8th post--wait, wait-- I see a book signing--and oh, it's getting fuzzy...

  2. Will she be at Printers Inc? (Are they still in business? Been awhile since I've gone to a bookstore that wasn't Kepler's.)