Thursday, December 22, 2011


My wrist watch is not waterproof, so I take it off before showering.  As I did the other evening.  Put it on the night stand.

When I came out of the shower, I picked it up and put on the corner of the bed next to my pillow, turned around and sat down.  After I put on my night shirt, I reached for my watch ... reached for ... WHERE DID IT GO?  “CLIFF!!  What?”  “I can’t find my watch.”  He comes into the bedroom.  “Where did you put it?” he asks.  “Right there on the corner of the bed,” says I, pointing.  He gets down on his knees (I can’t do that and expect to get up again) and peers under the bed.  Under the pillow.  Under the blankets.  No watch.

Given my lousy memory, I think maybe I picked it up and put it on the turned back blankets, which are now scrunched up.  So I say to Cliff, “When I stand up, pull the blankets back and see if they are in the folds.”  As I start to stand, Cliff says, “There it is,” as he picks it up off the floor right at my feet.  It hadn’t been there a minute ago.  Where had it been?  I’d been sitting on it!

The moral of the story?  No sense; no feeling.

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