Wednesday, December 14, 2011


An amateur stargazer who surveyed the night sky every day for a year to capture the perfect shot finally struck gold after snapping this picture of a moon circling Jupiter - using a £20 web cam. David Billington, 56, captured the phenomenon using a 12in telescope attached to the bargain web cam which he bought down his local computer store. After 12 months patiently waiting for the perfect shot, he finally managed to capture one of Jupiter's four moons, Europa, circling the giant planet. Previous attempts at the shot were thwarted as it required the perfect conditions, which included dry weather, clear skies and the planet, moon and sun all being aligned.

Europa is that little white 'marble' on the right side of the photo.  That looks like the moon's shadow just to the left a bit.  What may be even more fascinating is that scientists believe there may be liquid water beneath the surface of that tiny moon.  Europa is covered with ice, and the ice has deep ridges in it that astronomers have reason to think is caused by liquid water moving because of Jupiter's pull of gravity.  (From DISCOVER magazine).


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  1. Dry weather and clear skies? What are those things of which you speak? HAHAHAHA. Actually, I wondered about the observatory here at Armagh. Winter nights are long but the skies are like mushroom soup. Then summer nights are so short there's perpetual twilight.