Monday, December 5, 2011


People keep sending me beautiful/fascinating/unusual/remarkable photos.  The least I can do is share them with you.

Dang! This food is too far off the ground!

Yeah, someone dumped a bucket of blue paint on me.

Coming in for a parachute like landing.

Ya like my new hat?

 I’m not really a one-legged owl.

I thank you, Lord, for this food I am about to eat.

The masked stranger strikes again!

Mine!  No, Mine!


That is so funny!

 I’m gonna catch that!

 I see you!

Fun, of sorts --

Army Helicopter Crash

While practicing autorotation during a military night training exercise a Huey Cobra screwed up the landing and landed on the tail rotor. The landing was so hard that it broke off the tail boom. However, the chopper fortunately remained upright on its skids, sliding down the runway doing 360s.
As the Cobra slid past the tower, trailing a brilliant shower of sparks, this was the radio exchange that took place...
Tower: "Sir, do you need any assistance?"
Cobra: "I don't know Tower, we ain't done crashin' yet."

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