Friday, December 2, 2011


To my mind, these are remarkable.  See if you agree.

I be de judge heah

Hey! One at a time!

I am NOT near-sighted.  I see you perfectly well.

Kangaroo?  Or other pouchy animal?

Aaah, shaddap!

Turn off the sprinklers!

Let's see what food falls in.

Really!  I'm not related to the porcine family.

(Singing)  First ya put your right foot out in space ...

Honest!  There's two of us!

A bit of humor --

Ask a woman how she feels, and she'll tell you about every relationship she's ever been in.  Ask a man how he feelms, and he will tell you he feels like a pizza.

No woman ever shot her husband while he was doing the dishes.

The best way to get a husband to do anything is to suggest that he's too old to do it.


  1. The frog forgot its knitting. (To "frog" is to take the project off the needles and rip it, rip it. To "tink" is knit spelled backwards, undoing stitch by individual stitch while the thing stays safely on the needles.)

  2. I think "Wallaby" 'cause it looks little.