Friday, October 7, 2011


Many years ago Amalie and I had an IBM Selectric typewriter.  You do remember what a typewriter is, was.   Am was working as a speech therapist, and I was working for a CPA, and doing a little bit of computer work.  This had to be in the late seventies.  Some time in the early 80’s, my boss would occasionally ask me if I was going to get my own computer, and I would respond that I didn’t see any need for it.

Then in two successive weeks Amalie came home with multi page reports to type for school.  Each time she would type up the reports, and then give them to me to proof read.  “Okay, these words are mis-spelled, and this paragraph should go there, and ...”  And she would then go back and RETYPE THE WHOLE THING ALL OVER AGAIN!  After the second time I said, “Okay, I know why we need a computer.”  And we went out and bought our very first Apple IIe.

Then in the early 90’s we bought our first Mac.  It came with all of 40 megabytes of storage, and that got used up so fast, it made my head swim.  We upgraded several times in the next several years.  Then one day we were
in the Apple store at the Stanford Shopping Center.  We were early for our appointment, so I was just looking around with no intention to buy anything.  Then I saw a small box, about six inches square and two inches high.  ‘What was it,’ I wondered.  I soon discovered that this ‘box’ was a computer.  They called it a Mac Mini.  “Hey, Am, come look at this!”  I still had no intention to buy anything, but Amalie said, “You want that for your birthday?”  It requires a monitor and keyboard, but I already had those.  That had to be five, six years ago, and it still works just fine, thank you.  This little thing has 80 GIGAbytes of storage -- a bit more than that first Mac.

(Please note: The computer did not
come with the 4 leaf clover.)

To say that the Mac has changed my life would be the understatement of the year!  When I think of all the things I do -- blog, finances, the park magazine, music discs, photographs, greeting cards, email, humor for Avenidas, and so on -- I have to say ‘Thanks’ to the two Steves; Woz, the engineer, and Jobs, the visionary.  I agree with what others are saying -- Steve Jobs changed the world!

To lighten things up a bit --

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  1. Someone on FB yesterday was saying the first computers were in the Garden of Eden: Eve had an Apple, and Adam had an AppleII.

  2. Hey, I know where that 4 leaf clover came from!