Friday, October 28, 2011


My nephew Jack is 6 years younger than I, so when I tell you that this incident happened when he was in junior high, you know it took place some years ago.  Jack is now something over six feet tall, but back then he was quite short -- came up to about my shoulder.  And he had a beautiful, clear complexion.

At the time we were living in a flat in San Francisco.  We had the lower, and the landlord, a rather grouchy old gal, the upper.  For that Halloween there was to be a big parade on a nearby main street, and Jack and his friends wanted to dress up for the event.  The problem was that Jack had waited until the last minute, and didn’t have a costume.

His mother (my sister) came to the rescue.  She dressed him in a skirt and blouse, and put a bit of makeup on his face.  Then she put a bandana on his head.  He was adorable.

Now he was ready to go off to the parade (I was to be his ‘boyfriend’), but first he wanted to go up and Trick or Treat our landlady.  So he rang her doorbell, she opened the door, and Jack said, “Trick or treat!`”  And the landlady responded with, “But little girl, you’re not wearing a costume!”


  1. Bet it took Jack a couple of years to be able to laugh about THAT one!

    There are no Trick or Treaters on my mainly retired/Protestant/partially boarded-up cul-du-sac, and I miss seeing the little kids in their wacky costumes. There will be a Halloween firework display nearby but it will only scare the collie.

  2. Too funny. Did she know it was him and was yanking his chain?