Saturday, October 8, 2011


I found the following on my computer, and I don’t know if I ever posted it.  Sooo, get out your climbing gear and oxygen mask, and let’s go UP.

Near Stavanger in Norway there is a mysterious rock that rises 600 meters above the fjord Lysefjorden and to get there is not a climber's dream!  The Preikestolen (literally “Rock Pulpit”) is perhaps the most famous attraction  in Stravanger. Once you've arrived at the parking lot at an elevation of about 270 meters (about 800 feet, you're at the beginning of the trail that leads to the summit of the rock terrace from which in a little less than two hours and another 600 meters (1800 feet), you will get to the peak of the fjord.

To say that you'll enjoy a breath taking view is a no brainer! However be sure you are properly equipped to go on even though the trail is well tracked,  good trekking shoes are strongly advised.  You have to be  in good physical condition!

Beginning of  the climb

The trail goes on

From here on the climb gets hard

  Here you stop to rest a little and take pix

  Almost there

 From here the pictures don't need any commentary. But if you suffer from vertigo' 
I would advise you not to look down!

Grandpa not affected!


I suppose a bit of humor would help one recover --

The only secret to bachelor cooking is not caring how it tastes.
-P.J. O’Rourke

I don’t even butter my bread.  I consider that cooking.
-Katherine Cebrien

‘Tis an ill cook who cannot lick his own fingers.
William Shakespeare


  1. I've been in California too long: earthquakes happen. No way no how not ever nuh uh uh.

  2. Wow!!! I still remember that tickle-in-the-tummy feeling. (I used to hike and climb a lot in Japan :-} )

  3. I get dizzy walking on train platforms and don't even like to stand on a chair to reach a high shelf, or take the ladder into the attic. Preikestolen does not make my bucket list (although I'd like to go to Stavanger.)

    (This is not posting. Third try....Got verification on fourth...)