Thursday, October 13, 2011


Six days a week columnist Gary Richards deals with (mostly) road and driving issues.  People write in with questions, and he attempts to get answers.  The following was in Wednesday’s paper:

Q - I had an "awww" moment on the freeway recently that I wanted to share. My family (husband, three kids and two dogs) were squeezed into our minivan like a bad episode of "Hoarders" en route to Tahoe on Interstate 680 approaching the Benicia Bridge. When we got to the tollbooth, the toll-taker smiled and told us that a "nice lady in front of you paid your toll." It was completely random, and we were shocked that a stranger would be so kind. So to the woman in the blue Saturn SUV, thank you. Your gesture was a wonderful reminder of the inherent goodness and kindness in (most) people, and that we are all neighbors.
Mary McGuire, Saratoga

A - The story gets better. The McGuires then paid the toll for the person behind them. I traveled across this same bridge this past Saturday, and when I told the toll-taker I wanted pay the $5 toll for the driver behind me, the attendant smiled and so did I.

Car-toon --

That's too neat for the dogs to have fallen into a vat of dye.


  1. That's the one thing I don't like about my FastTrak transponder: I can't pay for the guy behind me like I did for years and years. Talk about a cheap high! I mean, how much do we spend for entertainment? How often do we get to spend so little and have it delight someone else like that?

    Then there was the time I offered and the tolltaker looked at the guy behind me, who was rocking out to a degree that begs for a sobriety test, and told me, No, how 'bout the one after him?

    Ooookay, seeing as he had my money now it was in his hands.

  2. What a great way to pay it forward--but there are so many. They DON'T involve rainbow-coloring dogs, I do believe.