Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well, I think they're unusual!  Captions are mine, and do feel free to substitute your own.

I’m bushed!  Wake me for dinner.

Chow time!

What was that noise we heard?

Hey, come swimming with me.

X marks the spot.

 We’re guarding him.

Now how do I get down without getting my feet wet?

You only move that plane when the shade moves!

Oh!  Thank you very much.

You can let me off at the next restaurant.  I hope that chipmunk hasn't beaten me there.

Humor -

A woman goes to a museum of modern art.  She is not familiar with this art form, but thinks she should have a look around.  So she wanders through the various portions of the museum.  At one point she enters a gallery that she finds most disturbing!  The paintings, if they can be called that, are really horrendous -- ghastly colors that look as if they have been hurled at the canvas, others with weird streaks and spots, and others to grotesque to describe.

It just so happens that the artist is sitting over in a corner of the gallery, so the woman goes over to him and says, “I’m really sorry, but I do not understand your paintings.”  The artist stands and draws himself up to his full height.  “Madam,” he says, “I paint what I feel!”
Her response -- “Have you tried Alka Seltzer?”


  1. "You can let me off at the next restaurant. I hope that chipmunk hasn't beaten me there." "I hope the chipmunk is waiting." (Mwhahahaha)

  2. Wow. Did someone photoshop that red-tailed hawk? Surely...!