Tuesday, April 19, 2011


is my two front teeth.”  Actually, I want five teeth, and a lot sooner than Christmas!  That’s right!  The extraction date is set for this Thursday,  April 21.  I will be given a temporary set of teeth -- that’s what all those impressions were all about a couple of weeks ago -- and then when my mouth heals, impressions will be made for my shiny new dentures.  I am NOT looking forward to the Pull ‘n Yank, but I am looking forward to GETTING IT OVER WITH!!  I have been to this dental surgeon before, and he is really quite excellent.  It’s after the pain killer wears off that has me concerned.  And when I can use my temporary dentures.

On an entirely different topic, For the first time I looked at the Google statistics for my blog.  I was flabbergasted!  I seem to have about a dozen and a half regular followers, most of whom are in the U.S. plus one that I know about in the U.K. (hi, Lynn).  But according to those stats, I have had followers in Canada, Egypt, Iran, India, Italy, Croatia, and Indonesia.  Drop ins?

This video is both touching and funny.  Let’s see what you think --

This dog didn't know how to swim.  Won't learn.
Is really afraid of getting wet.
What to do, we wondered.
Then we threw her favorite toy into the pool.