Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 We have much beauty in nature, but humans have a way to make a statement, also.

I was taken a bit by surprise by the following.  Would you like a flower arrangement like these?


Humor --

George is invited to attend a testimonial dinner, but when he arrives at the hotel, he doesn’t see anyone he knows.  And worse than that, he finds himself seated to a Chinese gentleman.  George doesn’t know if he should try to engage this fellow in conversation, and starts to eat in silence.  Finally he turns to the Chinese gentleman and asks, “Likee Soupee?”  The Chinese gentleman looks at George, but doesn’t say a word.

When dinner is over, it is time for the speeches, and it turns out that this Chinese gentleman is the main speaker.  He delivers a marvelous speech in flawless English which is greeted with thunderous applause.  The Chinese gentleman returns to his seat, turns to George, and says, “Likee speechee?”


  1. The doggy chrysanthemums (or would that be chrysanthemummy dogs?) are kind of creepy. but for some reason I like the pink marshmallow bunny bouquet LOL.

  2. I was drawn to the marshmallow bunnies, too. Maybe it's because I haven't had breakfast yet and the thought of quick sugar is appealing.

  3. I bet they mailed those flowers by aircraft terrier.