Tuesday, August 31, 2010


These photos were sent to me by a very good friend.  The captions are mine.

Let’s see.  Where can I go play?

Hmmm, this looks like a good spot

Basketball?  Shoot.

Kick it!

 Nyah, nyah, ya can’t take it away from me!

Mine!  No, mine!

Go fly a kite.

Purdy picture.

Big beach ball.

Ah, ten o’clock

Climb the ladder to the moon

 Or just snare it and bring it down here.

Bit of fun -

At the auto repair shop:  “Your oil is okay, but the engine needs changing.”
The teenager was in the boutique for at least an hour choosing the perfect dress for a party.  But the next day she was back with the outfit.  “Can I exchange this for something else?” she asked.  The clerk was surprised, and asked she wanted to exchange it.  “My parents like it.”