Monday, August 16, 2010


Yesterday we had the second annual Ice Cream Social and  by acclaim it was considered a success.

Saturday Cliff and I completed the necessary shopping.  Then I made up the following sign to attract the customers.

We arrived a little early in order to set up the tables, and get all the goodies in place.  
Here is the ice cream, bowls,and spoons.  Those are 5 quart ice cream containers.

Of course we included all the toppings, including Cool Whip.  (That's the same container you just 
saw -- just moved to the Toppings table). The others are, from right to left, chocolate, black cherry, strawberry, and scutterbotch, er, ah, butterscotch.

And naturally we had to have cookies.  That’s Patty setting them out on a tray.

Here are Cliff and John scooping it up for the hungry customers.  We were often asked if there would be seconds.  The answer was in the affirmative.

Conversation over a bowl of ice cream is always an enjoyable time.

Other fun time --

Why is it that the winner of the Miss Universe contest always comes from earth?
One day at a restaurant a woman suddenly called out, “My daughter’s choking!  She swallowed a nickel!  Please, anyone, HELP!  Immediately a man at a nearby table rushed up to her and calmly wrapped his arms around the young girl and squeezed.  Out popped the nickel.  “Thank you,” cried the mother.  “Are you a doctor?”  “No,” the man replied.  “I work for the IRS.”


  1. It looks like a grand time was had by all!

  2. Too cold for ice cream here. The heat is on. Need hot chocolate. Actually I can't recall the last time I had ice cream. Hope you guys didn't catch a chill!