Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I was out again with my camera this afternoon, taking photos around the park. Today we shall be looking at trees of a few different kinds, and at the end (before the humor) a particular tree with a particular story.

Most trees grow quite naturally.

This one looks like it had a bad hair day,

This looks as if it was trimmed by a poodle owner.


This tree was planted many years ago, and of course back then it wasn’t this tall at all. It happens to be at an intersection, and as the tree grew up it also grew out so that the lower branches blocked the view of drivers coming up to the corner. One day the park owner, Leo came to see the home owner John, whose tree it was. Leo informed John that he was there to chop down the tree -- strictly for safety purposes, of course.

Well, before Leo could get started, he was called away. John, naturally, was most upset, and tried to figure a way to save his beloved tree. Aha! He had a brilliant thought! And before Leo could get back, John completed his plan of action, and obviously, Leo never did cut down that tree.

What did John do? Well, see for yourself.

Which reminds me of a joke!

An elderly gentleman was out alone on the golf course when he was approached by a much younger man who asked if he could play the round with the older. "Why sure, I'm kinda slow these days, but if that doesn't bother you, come right along," said the older gentleman. "I'll enjoy the company."

The elderly man played a very safe, steady game, while the younger, not to be outscored, tried every trick in the book, sometimes succeeding, but more often, just getting himself into difficult shot positions. Mind you, this was not a competition, but the younger was not going to be outshone!

The older man started to find this a bit amusing, and smiled inwardly to himself as the younger became more and more frustrated. At one point the young man found his ball with a tree between him and the green. He studied the shot first from one side, and then the other. He drew a club out of his bag, only to replace it with another. At that point the elderly gentleman said, "Well, the last time I played this course, I was in about the same position, so I hit the ball over the tree."

Really! No old guy was gonna outplay him, thought the younger, and he changed clubs one more time, took a mighty swing, and ... hit the tree!

"Of course," said the older one, "the last time I played this course was 25 years ago, and the tree was a lot smaller."


  1. Heh.

    We once visited the house my father had grown up in, and there was a three-year-old on his trike in front of it.

    Dad pointed at a towering pine on the side there, and asked the little one, You see that?


    I used to jump over it.

    We got to watch the kid's eyes grow huge, looking at it, then Dad, then the tree, not sure he was going to believe that!

  2. Me thinks that one had a very GOOD hair day!

  3. Hahaha! I think I hit that same tree, twice!

    I was playing with my DH once and had the same problem. He told me to aim straight for the tree. I questioned his advice. He assured me that was what he meant. I asked what his strategy was. He said it was because he had rarely seen me hit anything I was aiming for. I hit the tree.