Monday, July 6, 2009


I received these in today's email, and thought it would be a good idea to share them with you. The comments on the side, where there are any, are mine. Feel free to make your own comments.

You mean I get a choice?

Well, I'm sure glad SOMEone finally explained that for me!

Um, how old? Would they make good chess pieces?

And here I thought the teen years were over at 20! Just goes to show ya.

Now I can really relate to this one because I only have one usable arm. (Really! Ask Alison.) I'd love to know how this guy does it. Maybe with a tape recording?

Gee, I haven't played THAT game since I was a kid.

Just doing my job, officer.

Quarter of what?

SOMEbody really knows their job!

Goes to show what kind of friends she has.

Well, if they say so.

So, that's what governmental agencies do, isn't it?

Oh, heck, I never dress up to go to Wal Mart!

What were they expecting, a door knob collection?


  1. He shouted back "Polo?" Did he think the cops were blindfolded?

  2. Thank you for the good laughs!