Monday, December 17, 2012


 At Avenidas there are three groups of people – the staff, the participants, and volunteers. Everyone wears a name tag. For example, this is my name tag:

Which brings me to an interesting story. One morning when I arrived at Avenidas, I saw a gentleman that I had not seen before. A rather pleasant looking individual with a most genial demeanor.

He came over to shake my hand, and as he was standing and I was sitting in my wheelchair, I was face to face with his name tag. And that really surprised me! Here’s why –

Now my last name is MEYER, without the  “S” on the end. But for a brief moment I thought I was looking at myself.

Don–with–the–S volunteers several mornings a week, and as with all volunteers, his help is greatly appreciated.
He arrives with a book of jokes that he reads to the group of us sitting around the table first thing in the morning. Many of his jokes are pretty corny, as he is quick to acknowledge, but every now and then he comes up with the real dandy. For example, like this one:

A young lady was asked why she was not married.
“Why should I?” she replied.  “I’ve got a dog that snores, a parrot that swears, and a cat that stays out all night!”

Tomorrow look out for the annual Christmas quiz.


  1. Well of course you put an s at the end, that says there's a plurality of you!

  2. Complete with corny jokes? You really do have a doppelganger! :-)

  3. Pegi beat me to it, ha!