Thursday, December 27, 2012


New words and definitions

The object here it to take any ordinary word, and make an entirely new word by adding just one letter.  Then provide the definition of the new word.  For example:

Word        New word           Definition

Call          Crall            To phone with an abject apology

Joke         Jokel            Fellow from the country who is a stand-up comedian

Car          Crar             Very noisy automobile  (say it aloud)

Barber     Braber          Hair stylist who charges too much  (also aloud)

Internet    Internest      A website for the birds

Water       Swater         A way to kill flies by drowning them

Insert       Inshert         A garment meant to be tucked in.

Bear        Bearl            A large overweight animal.

Elephant Telephant     A new trumpeting means of communication.

Can you come up with any new words?

Fun --


  1. No. 5 Dog rules has become even truer. Pips likes to find places to sleep that are between where the child and I are, so she maximizes tripping potential.

  2. There was a columnist at the Washington Post when I was a kid who ran a contest of those at the end of every year (I think it was Bill Gold.) He got some pretty funny ones collected over the years; yours are too, and they brought back memories of my family trying out words like that as a kid. Thank you!