Thursday, November 15, 2012


Thank you, Russ and Sandy.

Ever since their retirement, Russ and Sandy have done a lot of traveling. This time they went to a cold clime, Churchill, Canada. Lots of polar bears, and other wildlife. But what I want to show you is a bit of the humorous stuff. One of the tour guides was a lady named Susan who is given to puns. It appears she has a thing about rabbits. For example:

We were transported to the airport, or as Susan would say, the Hareport.

Q What is a Bunny's drug of choice?s

Q What do you call a row of bunnies walking away?
A.  Receding hare line.

Q What do you call a bunny who has been run over?
A.  Flat hare.

Q.  What do you call an old lady bunny?
A.  Blue hare.

Q.  What are a tailor bunny’s important tools?
  Hare pins

It appears that the Canadians have an interesting sense of humor. Have a look at the way they report the weather. – –

And just to complete this silliness --

 This is a snow hare, 


this is no hare.


  1. Wait, wait, who's the cancer patient at the end?

    But that rock didn't mention hail to the chief. Left us hanging.

  2. I have a few more for you!

    How do you catch a Unique Rabbit?
    ---- U 'neak up on 'em

    How do you catch a Tame Rabbit?
    ---- da tame way!