Monday, November 26, 2012


The following photos were a part of a single group of pictures. The group was entitled "Amazing", and I see no reason to change it. These are truly amazing!

Okay, as long as a bear doesn't decide to use it for hibernation.

 Channel of Corinth.  SQeeZE !

 I get the impression it was built this way deliberately.


More magnificence!

 I'll stick to my bathtub, thank you. Do they shower on the street below?

Ah, Sorrento! That looks like a painting.

 That is immense! Look at the tiny people at the base.

 Gorgeous view – – even better from where that person is standing.

 This is certainly true--

 When there is a huge solar energy spill, it is just called "a nice day".


  1. Gorgeous photos--but I wouldn't be standing where that last man is standing.

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