Monday, August 6, 2012

DIP YOUR TOES ... the water, as we plunge deep and view more beauties of the ocean.

What is usually in the humor section isn’t really funny this time; just amazing!

If you've never heard of Criss Angel.... after you see this.... you will remember his name forever.  He has been doing wild "disappearing" and "levitation" illusions for about 5 or 6 years now.  He's finally made it to the "top"; (Vegas, TV specials, etc)... but every now and then he likes to just go back to how he got started, and mingle with the public, and have his "illusion" documented with a one-man camera crew. Then he puts it out for all to see....for free!
This is in full view of people all around him (not just in front of him, but beside him and behind him as well).  This is the first time I've ever seen a "trick" (he prefers to call it an "illusion") like this.

There is not a wall behind him (that he could have slipped thru). He's standing on top of two tables (so you can see underneath them) and no one is assisting him (by holding the towel for him, etc).

So.... can you figure this one out?

Where did he go?


  1. That turtle's shell is a maze-ing!

  2. That Criss Angel clip was astounding. I got to see Penn and Teller on stage in NYC, and of course David Blane on tv here. I'm always impressed!