Saturday, July 9, 2011


Well that was the caption on the email that brought the following to me.  WOW! is good enough for me, too.

Good Grief!  These kids are always hungry!

This is what is called a Bull Market.

From St. Louis, I presume.

This duckling is not ugly.

'Tensh hut!


Ships of the desert


No, I didn't turn this photo over.  What kind of cat dat?

This was emailed to me by a good friend on the east coast.  I thought it was funny, and she said I could use it.

I am "minding" one of my friends two cats while he is away visiting his sister in Canada.  At least I think I'm minding two cats.  I've been doing this for at least 4 years and have yet to see one.  I know something must be around as most of the food is eaten and the litter box is dirty, but no sightings.


  1. That duckling is SOOOOO cute but of course, that duckling won't grow up to be a swan.

  2. That last one must be from California: a cat-a-Marin. Bit of a showboat type.