Monday, July 11, 2011


here.  I think.

The following was in our local Mountain View newspaper the other day.  And all this time I thought I lived in Mountain VIEW!

“Dew you know the weather forecast? 
Mountain View gets renamed after a bright green beverage on
by Daniel DeBolt 
Mountain View Voice Staff

Welcome to Mountain Dew, California. 

The folks at have accidentally renamed our fine city after a soft drink.

When you type a Mountain View zip code into, it lists "Mountain Dew Ames Resource Center" as the nearest weather station. They somehow managed to make two goof ups in our neighboring NASA center's name as well, as NASA Ames is a research center, not a resource center.

 Resident Bruce Karney was amused. About 10 years ago Karney wrote an April Fools story along these lines, in which the city gets paid to rename itself Mountain Dew, California, solving the city's budget problems. 

"I haven't contacted to ask them to change it. I'm sort of enjoying seeing it for now," Karney said.

The gaff has remained on the site over a week, although we expect it to be fixed soon after this is published.”

Phunny photos --

Just wait 'til that kid bites down on that tail!
No, I don't have a follow-up photo.  Just use your imagination.

Darn! it's in here some place!
(The cat from previous pic?)

Now let's see.  If I can't stop at the bottom, I'll have to change into
my bathing suit on the way down.


  1. I think the soda should change its name to Mountain View for a while. BTW, did you know how much caffeine that stuff has?

  2. Now don't you be giving my grandson any ideas!

    As for the renaming, dew tell!