Monday, December 28, 2009


In the bathroom, actually. The toilet is the one place from which I cannot stand, So I ordered a piece of equipment that would go under the toilet and raise it 3-1/2 inches. Unfortunately the unit wouldn't fit properly -- I had quite an explanation from the plumber -- so he is ordering me a taller toilet, on top of which I will probably have put a raised seat. More'n one way to skin a cat, or stand up, or something.

Fun -

A worker was reviewing pending sales activity with a co-worker at the printing company where they worked, and asked where a particular customer was in his decision process. “He’s at the 10 yard line,” the colleague answered. “Would you mind putting that in terms I can understand?” Recognizing a shopper when he saw one, he responded, “He’s at the checkout counter, and has his credit card in his hand."

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