Thursday, December 3, 2009

Couple of corrections

In my last posting I thought that Pepper was done with her egg-laying contest. Nope. There was another egg in her cage this morning, though she is not being maternal about it.

Yesterday I mailed my annual Holiday note, and a few of you who read this blog and are also on my mailing list will receive it. In a week or so I will be posting it -- with a correction. I leared this morning, in the Dear Abby column, that one of Santa's reindeer is not named Donner, but Ralph.
No, that's not right, either. It's Donder! Wrong in the mailing -- will be corrected in the posting.

Bit of humor -

I think he wants to play through.


  1. ANOTHER egg?! That must have been a surprise!

  2. Ohmygoodness, that one's not even a cutesy little black bear, they're departing quickly before a grizzly scene takes place.

  3. "Yesterday I mailed my annual Holiday note". HA looks like mine went out before that! My you're efficient. I only bought my cards on Monday and haven't even addressed them yet! Maybe tonight in front of the Christmas tree. THAT is done!