Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I was at the physical therapist’s, sitting in my scooter. I had finished all of the torture, er, exercises that I usually do, and the therapist was deciding what I should do next. He concluded that I should try some knee bends. (Note that I did NOT say ‘deep knee bends’.) So he wanted me to stand once more. He fastened a belt around my waist to assist me to get up. I had to supply some of the energy by pushing off of the steering gear on the scooter. And up I went. “How much of that was you?” I asked. “None,” he replied, “you did it all on your own.” I DID? That quite startled me!

When I finished, and scootered out to the van, I told Cliff about it, and that I wanted to try it again. And I did -- get up without help, that is. It happened yet a third time when after some shopping, I once again picked myself up from the scooter. I cannot really describe how good that felt! This is why I am exercising. Now this is just the beginning. The scooter steering gear is some inches higher than where I sit, and that gives me some leverage. When I can stand by pushing off the chair in which I am sitting, I will be much farther along.

Humor -

Three women are having lunch. One says, "My son is a Bishop, and when he walks into a room, everyone says 'Your Grace' ".

The next woman says, "My son is a cardinal, and when he walks into a room, everyone says 'Your Excellancy' ".

The third woman, a little Jewish lady, says, "My son is six foot four, very handsome, broad shoulders, narrow hips, and when he walks into a room, all the women say, 'Oh my God!'"


  1. Good for you! Keep up the torture (that's to you alone, not Cheney or waterboarding.)

  2. YAY DON!!!!!

    That is so wonderful!!
    ANd a harbinger of things to come! (I love using 'harbinger' in a sentence LOL!)

  3. Congratulations! It is amazing what a little exercise will do, isn't it? When I was in critical condition they were encouraging me to do little squeezes lying in the hospital bed to keep everything from going totally gone, and it was absolutely amazing how much stronger it made me. It was a nuisance to do, and it seemed like nothing. It was not.

    Go Don!