Monday, October 26, 2009


Once again I bring you a slightly edited version from Tom and Ray Magliozzi, otherwise known as Click & Clack. I found this too funny to keep to myself.

Dear Tom and Ray:
About a year and a half ago my dad bought a ’92 Volvo station wagon for $500. I’m turning 16 next spring, and he expects it to be my car. He thinks it’s fantastic because it was so cheap, but the car is older than I am, and it’s a piece of junk. We went over a speed bump once, and the fan for the air conditioner fell off . And I hate to be picky, but it’s pretty embarrassing to ride in. I was hoping you might have a good excuse why I shouldn’t have to drive it, because my dad loves your show. Thanks so much.

Ray: Unfortunately this is exactly the type of car we recommend that parents buy for their teenagers. Your father probably got the idea from hearing us talk about it. It’s safe, it’s slow, and it’s ugly -- the perfect car for a teen!

Tom: Right. It’s ugly and it’s embarrassing, so you won’t drive it unless you have to. Parts are falling off it, so you won’t be tempted to stray too far from home. And it’s a tank, so if you do make a mistake (which many teenagers do) you’ll have a better chance of surviving it.

Ray: So I’m afraid we’re not going to be much help here, Emily.

Tom: Wait, I’ve got it. Emily, the next time you’re in the car with your dad, look toward the back and say, “Those back seats fold down, right, dad?” And when your dad says, “Sure they do. Why?” You say, “Well, with the seats folded down, I bet there’s plenty of room for two people to lie down back there.” He’ll have you in a ’92 Volvo sedan by Monday, Emily!

Funny -

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  1. Ha, the first car I bought was a 2-door '74 Volvo sedan, this in 1986 and I paid about $1200 for it. Those things are tanks!