Friday, October 16, 2009


Eric is the gentleman who started cooking for Amalie and me several years ago. He continues to do so now for Clifford and me, bringing meals he cooks at home (he lives here in the park) that’s good for 4 days each for the two of us. He performs other tasks for us, as well. For example, Am and I used to make our bed each morning, but I had reached a point where I could no longer do that. I’d said that I wanted an automatic bedmaker. That shouldn’t be too hard, I insisted. And so, in addition to the other tasks he was doing for us, Eric became our “automatic” bedmaker.

About once a month he drives up to Napa in the north bay to visit his father, and it is on those days when Amalie and I (then), and Cliff and I (now) have to fend for ourselves. And when those days occur, I refer to them as Eric Appreciation Day, for it is when he is not here that we really appreciate his efforts. About a month ago, Eric informed us that a client of his wanted to bring him along on a two week cruise to the Mexican Riviera -- all expense paid. Well! Eric had never been on a cruise before, and he could scarcely say “No”. So Eric is now off on the cruise of his lifetime, and while he will be gone only two weeks, I have dubbed this Eric Appreciation Month!


Now if you thought you knew all about this sort of thing, think again. The following photo came to me labeled:



  1. I do believe the "Eric Appreciation Month" should be spent on a cruise, too. Too late this year, but keep it in mind next time. Although, if you can grab a late deal you might be able to take a short one....

  2. I love Eric Appreciation Month. My husband, whom I call Oscar (at his request)is actually named Eric. He does everything around here that I can't, and is becoming a terrific cook, too.