Wednesday, August 5, 2009


When we last saw Editor Don, he had been hurled off the cliff headed toward the river 6 miles below ... Oh, wait --this is not a Saturday movie serial. Anyway, here is where we left off:

By 2001 - 13 years since I’d started, I was really getting tired, and I wrote an article saying that the June, 2002 issue would be my last one. Ten or eleven more months went by with no volunteers, and I was quite prepared to shut it down.

Then suddenly somebody realized that another month would go by, and there would be no more magazine. I don’t know how this happened, because I wasn’t there, but one day I was contacted by a small group of residents who said they had an editor with a computer, but could I possibly do the computer work until she caught on. I didn’t have to do any writing, or typing, or proof-reading -- just put the pages together. Well, I agreed to that. Unfortunately, this lady didn’t know much about editing, either, and then just a few short months later, there was a crisis in her own family that required her to be on the east coast for some months. The one most positive thing this lady did was to recruit a number of different people to write articles. That was a big step forward.

One other fellow and I took the bull by the horns, and talked to one gal whom we thought would be an excellent editor. We pitched the idea that she would be editor, and I would continue to put the pages together; a task she did not want. She agreed, and now she and I have worked together since mid 2002. She is an outstanding editor, great at choosing the proper articles, and, where needed, rewriting copy. She has retained a group of writers who contribute on a regular basis. She emails me copy as she has it, which makes it easy for me to format articles properly. I’ve introduced photos to the publication, and made other formatting changes to make the magazine more readable. (Should you doubt me, ask Alison.)

Oh, following my last issue as editor, they did throw a party for me. And I was presented with a plaque:
To finally answer your question, Ms Knitalot 3, about where do I get what I put in my blog, you’ve probably guessed by now, but I have on disc every issue she and I have done, dating back to 2004. I just go through, and pick out what I think are the funniest items for posting.

Humor, coming from above explanation:


Monday - Turn keyboard over and shake out crumbs.

Tuesday - Wet finger and wipe smudges off monitor.

Wednesday - Arrange tubes in alphabetical order.

Thursday - Clean up cookies and temporary files.

Friday - Do disc scan and defrag.

Saturday - Time to shake out keyboard again.

Sunday - Day to play. Worked hard all week!


  1. Thanks for the story and the funnies. That is a nifty plaque and good job doing the community service.