Thursday, August 13, 2009


Not much improvement on the right side. Bothers me at night, and a not very noticeable dull ache during the day. I’m trying to do better with the exercises. I know, I know. Get with it, Meyer.

The chiropractor sold me some pills that are supposed to increase my muscle mass. Probably will take a while. From mess to mass.

The good news is that the bones in my left foot are healing nicely. The swelling is almost all gone, and the best news is that I am able to put a shoe on that foot. That means I don’t have to wear that boot, which means that although I don’t walk well, now I do walk better. Much better!

Let’s have some humor. I hope this “cartoon” doesn’t offend anyone. I thought it was very funny:

A new world’s record in the high jump was set yesterday at the beach in the south of France.The attached picture was taken just seconds before the jump took place.


  1. I suppose the world can be divided into 3 types of people: Those who enjoy exercise, those you don't but exercise anyway, and those who don't and won't. Try to join the second group!

  2. Now now, I ain't goin' near that photo. Even if people on beaches in southern France dress like that routinely (notice I'm not there.)

  3. I apologized privately but will here, too--it's not my blog and I should have deleted rather than posted the comment above. Sorry, Don.