Friday, August 28, 2009


Wednesday night I did not sleep well at all, and by Thursday afternoon I was O U T . Slept it away. Last night was somewhat better, and I don't feel drugged this morning.

The good news: I've been off the morphine since last Sunday, which does wonders for my inner plumbing. My chiropractor suggested I could use some physical therapy, so when I saw my M.D., I mentioned it. He recommended, and wrote a prescription for an M.D. physical therapist. I went for the first time Wednesday afternoon. I really like this guy. Having seen many PT's over the past quarter century, I can appreciate how good this guy is. He's a bit laid back and relaxed, and doesn't push me to do things I cannot because of my left side paralysis. Not that he didn't give me a pretty good workout!

He gave me some 7 exercises to do daily at home, to which I added the two from my chiropractor, plus one other, for a total of 10. Now I've had two successive days of exercise -- a near miracle for me.


This video isn't funny, but it is certainly quite fascinating. Sand painting. Enjoy!


  1. That sand stuff was fascinating! I fwd it to friends.
    And keep going on those exercises. No one likes it so you aren't alone. Just keep pluggin' like a worker bee!