Friday, August 7, 2009


A few days ago, on my way out of the park on my scooter, I noticed some flowers that I hadn't seen before. Gotta take some more pics! And so I did. These take little or no comment from me.

Yes, those are lemons. Many residents have fruit trees.

Okay, something funny -

Here are the rest of the Burma Shave signs:

Around the curve lickety-split
Beautiful car wasn't it?
Burma Shave

No matter the price
No matter how new
The best safety device
in the car is you
Burma Shave

A guy who drives a car wide open
is not thinkin' he's just hopin'
Burma Shave

At intersections look each way
A harp sounds nice
but it's hard to play
Burma Shave

Both hands on the wheel
eyes on the road
That's the skillful driver's code
Burma Shave

The one who drives
when he's been drinking
Depends on you to do his thinking
Burma Shave

Car in ditch
Driver in tree
The moon was full
and so was he.
Burma Shave

Passing school zone
Take it slow
Let our little
Shavers grow
Burma Shave

Don’t stick your elbow
out so far
It may go home
in another car.
Burma Shave

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  1. I'm going to be humming "Lemon tree" all day.