Saturday, April 13, 2013


Well, more needles than pins.  About a week ago I received the latest AARP publication, and in it was an article about pain relief.  It noted that about the best one can expect from pain pills is relief of about 30%.  Then it went on to discuss other possible pain relief possibilities, one of which was acupuncture.

Well, as many of you know, my right knee is a pain in the -- knee.  It hurts when I stand, when I walk, and when I sit down. The problem is that the cartilege is gone, it is now bone on bone.  I even creak when I stand up.  Great for Halloween!

So I decided to Google acupuncture, and discovered Patricia Rupert, a young lady in Los Altos, a neighboring town. When she responded to my email asking if she could do something about this bone on bone pain, said, “Absolutely, I can help.”  So I phoned and made an appointment.  Now I’ve had the first treatment, a bit prickly, to say the least, and she waved her magic wand (cold laser) at me, as well as talk about my medications. I'll return next week for the next treatment  It will take a while, but I am hopeful.  I’ll keep you up to date.

Humor --

This joke goes back aways, but I don’t know whether I’ve used it, and I’m not going hunting over the past 3 years --

Sammy and Richie were the best of buddies.  And they both loved baseball!  As kids growing up they played sandlot ball; they were on the high school baseball team, as well as in college.  After they graduated, they even played a bit of semi-pro ball.  When they became too old to play, they went to all the games, and even made it to a World Series game one time.

But of course as time goes on, we all get older.  So one day when they were both getting up there, Richie said to Sammie, “Ya know, Sammie, we’re not gonna live forever.”  “Well, that’s right, Rich,” Sam responded.  “What’s on your mind?”  “I’m thinkin’,” said Richie, “that the first of us to pass away, come back and tell the other if there’s baseball in Heaven.”  “Hey, good idea,” said Sammie.

And sure enough, about a year later Sammie passed away.  Then 3 or 4 days later, after Richie had gone to bed, Sammy appeared at the foot of his bed.  “Hey, Rich, wake up!”  And Rich came out of his slumber to see Sammy standing there.  “Sammy! You got some news for me?  Is there baseball in Heaven?”  “Well, I got good news and bad news,” said Sammy.  “What’s the good news,” asked Richie.  Sammy responded, “The good news is that there is baseball in Heaven.”  “So what’s the bad news?”  “You’re pitching Sunday.”


  1. Good luck with that knee. My mom just came home after rehab after knee replacement surgery and is determined to get back to her walking several miles a day. (She's a year older than you, you whippersnapper you.)

  2. i really admire you for trying something different. I know other people who swear by acupuncture - I wish you good luck with it!

  3. I know people younger than me who have run marathons and are now struggling w/knee issues. I'm sure your acupuncturist has a lot of clients. Knee pain is a big problem these days.