Friday, April 5, 2013


1. Sunnyvale is the town right next to us. In fact, Sunnyvale is right over our back fence. There was an item in the paper the other day that a new hotel had opened about a year and a half ago in Sunnyvale. Apparently this is quite a fancy place. According to the paper it has, “Fitness centers, for poolside CabaƱas, and spas.” But I doubt that you will want to stay there. Why?  I think you can tell from the name of the hotel – –  Pooch Hotel,  “A five –star luxury boarding chain”.  Woof!

2. Here is a story in a completely different direction.   Hear’s the headline: Teller’s tale brings arrest. And the subhead: Bank worker followed suspect after robbery.  According to the story, the robber walked into the bank and handed a teller a note demanding money the clerk handed over about $4000 in a bag. But as the robber walked out of the bank, the teller tripped an alarm and followed the suspect on foot. Then the clerk used his cell phone to call the police and give them updates on the robber’s location. Based on that information, officers arrested the suspect about a half-mile from the bank, and recovered the stolen money.  (Now here’s the part that really gets me.) The robber told police he robbed the bank in order to pay rent and cell phone bills and send money to his mother in Mexico. Then in his court appearance he pleaded not guilty. Makes sense.

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  1. If you carrot all for me you'll know this bouquet is tops. Let's get to the root of what it all means.

  2. My brother took his dogs to a similar pooch hotel in Atlanta that even offered TV in some rooms. Apparently some dogs are used to the TV being on all day at home.