Thursday, September 13, 2012

TREES, Part 1

Here are many varieties of trees -- tall, short, pretty, gnarly, leafy, stark.  See for yourself.

Tree tunnel

Just reflecting on the matter

Dressed in moss

Straddling the wall

Looks like a family quarrel
'Get off my foot'   'Go this way'   'No, that way'   "ouch!'

Delicious shade on a bright day

Turn off the fan!

Make way for the wires!
I wonder if the tree simply grew that way, or if it was deliberately trimmed.

Fun  cartoons-

I don't think there's a real elephant under there


  1. The quarrely roots: that's a Banyan tree, isn't it? Re the trimmed one, yes, it's trimmed, and it probably has a steel cable attaching the two sides so they don't break to the side, since all the middle weight is gone now. (We had to do that to a tree after one part broke off in a storm.)

  2. Those are great!!!
    I love trees :-}
    We have lots of pine and willow trees in the apartment complex.

  3. That's some fan. Wonder if it's powered by the Gulf Steam.