Thursday, September 6, 2012


The other morning as I was getting dressed, I heard a terrible racket.  At first I thought Cliff was throwing pots and pans around the kitchen, but when he walked down the hall, I realized it had to be something else.  "What is all that racket?" I asked him.  "I'll go look," he said.  And out the front door he went.

A few minutes later he came back.  "There's some young crows on the roof," he told me.  Oh.  Sounded like baggage handlers at the airport throwing luggage around.  NOW LANDING AT GATE 433...

Other fun stuff --

Look at the top of the cartoon.

The caption that came with this read "Guard Dog"
I think they meant "Guard the Dog"


  1. Crows have straight pointy beaks. Ravens have beaks that are much thicker, and they're not pointy: they're Roman-nose shaped, thicker at the head and narrower at the tip. Not to mention ravens are a lot bigger than crows, but if you're ever wondering which it is, look at the beak.

  2. Hey, it's that kid in the dog suit again!

  3. The first time I read your post I thought it said 'bagpipe handlers' What a racket!