Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Yesterday morning Cliff came to see me to say we had a problem.  Yes?  The light in the dining room was out, and he suspected that it was the dimmer switch.  Well, that seemed a distinct possibility since it had been in there for quite a long time.  Besides, since we have the new twisty type globes (what do you call those things?), the dimmer portion didn't work anyway.

Cliff connected a lamp, so I could see my breakfast.  It was then that I suggested that if I were breakfasting with a lovely young lady, then romantic candlelight would be more appropriate.  He agreed.

After my non-candlelight breakfast, I called our local repairman (also Don), and explained the situation.  He said he thought he could get to it later that afternoon.  Fair enough.

Then when Cliff picked me up at Avenidas that afternoon, I asked if Don had called.  "It's all done," Cliff reported.  Boy!  Talk about service!

Fun --

Here’s one about the doctor who, after a long hard day at the office, would stop at his favorite bar for his favorite drink, a daiquiri, with a bit of nutmeg sprinkled on the top.  This particular day, when the doctor came in, the bartender noticed that he was out of nutmeg, so he ground up a bit of hickory nut to sprinkle on the drink. When he served it, the doctor took one sip and asked, "Now what's this?"  Answered the bartender, "That's a hickory daiquiri, doc."


  1. HA! My bathroom light broke last November. Yes, November 2011! I bought a replacement but still haven't had an electrician around. How do I manage--well,I have a half bath, touch lights in the big bath AND it's so bright half the year. But that half the year has ended so I really must get the bathroom light fixed.

  2. Big GROAN for the pun :-}
    I agree, dining by candlelight is wonderful.
    I think I'll plan to do that with Oscar as a surprise tomorrow night.
    I really enjoy that his new schedule means we can have dinner together several nights a week :-}
    I think I'll make Jambalika (not quite Jambalaya)