Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UP, UP, And...

... going nowhere.  Since I cannot get up and down steps, I have an elevator that takes me from the back porch down to ground level (and back up when coming home -- all of about 28 inches).

The other day Cliff had picked me up at Avenidas, and brought me home.  As he always does, he pulled my wheelchair out of the back of the van, I sat down, and he pushed me onto the lift.  Cliff pushed the UP button, but nothing happened.  He checked the electric connection, and tried once more.  Again, nothing happened.   Yikes!  And it was cold!  Now he was going to try to guide me up the back steps.  No go!  Now my legs were starting to give out, and I sat down on the steps.  That’s where Cliff had a brilliant idea.  He got behind me, and pulled me all the way up to the porch and up on my wobbly feet.  And while I was hanging onto something to keep from falling, he went in and got my walker.  That worked!  And after a nice hot cup of tea, I was back among the living.  As we so often say, growing old is not for the faint of heart.

Oh, the problem.  Turned out to be a circuit breaker.  Easily remedied.

How about a couple of funny cartoons to lighten things up --


  1. Cliff is a gem. But you knew that. Glad the problem was so easily fixed.

  2. A nice cup of tea always helps.