Tuesday, February 14, 2012


When I was a little kid, my folks got me a box of Crayola crayons.  It had a lot of pretty colors, like green, yellow, red, and blue.  And there were shades of colors, like pink, purple, light blue, orange, and dark green.

Then in the paper the other day I read an article that shows how far behind the times I am.  It appears that since the year 2000, an outfit called Pantone Color Institute has been announcing Pantone’s Color of the Year!  Good grief!  For the past dozen (baker’s dozen, actually) I have been the wrong color!

And the names!  Such creativity!   A word of warning -- I scanned these from the newspaper, so I presume the shades are not exactly true, even for True Red.  See for yourself.

2001 - Fuchsia Rose.  Smells delightful.

2002 - True Red.  Does that mean that there is a False Red?

2002 - True Red.  Does that mean that there is a False Red?

2003 - Aqua Sky -  I think we’re back to cerulean.  Son of cerulean?

2004 - Tigerlily - Sounds potentially dangerous.  Or are we back to flowers?  Looks red to me.

2005 - Blue Turquoise -  Looks like Aqua Sky to me, but then with my eyesight ...

2006 - Sand Dollar.  Oh, come on!  Everyone knows that sand dollars are those flat shells we pick up at the seashore.

2007 - Chili Pepper.  Now that’s a food seasoning!  Chili Pepper, indeed!  2013 is liable to be Pot Roast.

2008 - Blue Iris.  I have nothing to say.

2009 - Mimosa.  Looks yellow to me.  Let me check my Crayola box.

2010 - Turquoise - I won’t argue with that, but didn’t we already use that?  Oh, no.  That was Aqua Sky.

2011 - Honeysuckle - More flowers.  Or song titles.

2012 - (You’re not gonna believe this, and they didn’t even print a small rectangle of color!) - Tangerine Tango!  Not just Tangerine, We need to Tango!  I suppose we are supposed to dance our way through the year!

Your comments are invited.  Go ahead.  Tell me I’m behind the times!

Humor?  You want humor?  Go dream up some color names of your own.  I’ve already got Pot Roast.


  1. Sadly, I gave away all the crayola crayons and pencils. I loved those names, even the ones I had to look up in the dictionary like Cerulean. I may just check the LLBean catalog. I remember trying to identify the changing reds of my Virginia Creeper using their terms.