Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Computer, not piano.  I have a wireless blue tooth keyboard for my computer.  I like the wireless because then I have one less wire snaking across the desktop.

Yesterday afternoon I went to type something, and nothing - I mean nothing - happened. I checked the keyboard for power and saw that I did not have the little light that goes when everything is good. Oh. Must need new batteries. So I put in a new set of batteries. And I got -- nothing.  Still, no power.  I opened the battery section to be sure I had them in correctly, and that everything was seated properly.  Reassembled.  Guess what?  No power.  Ack!

So this morning I called Apple tech.  He had me try several things, but nothing worked, so the gentleman made an appointment for me at the Apple store.

But then I had another idea. I again removed the batteries with the intention of simply replacing them one more time.  But then I had yet another thought, and asked Cliff to check the batteries with his tester. One of the four batteries was no good. Aha!

The funny thing is if I had simply replaced all 4 batteries, the keyboard would not have worked.  Why? Because the first of the new replacement batteries was no good, and would have been inserted with the other three newer ones if Cliff had not checked each one.  Now I am back in business.  I typed all of this on said keyboard.  Computer, not piano.

Cartoon time --


  1. Hey getting back to Holly, you should plan a trip to get a haircut!